Luxury American Motorhomes Thruxton

Would like to hire one of the best luxury American motorhomes for the Thruxton race circuit? If so, look no further than RJF Motorhomes. We are one of the UK’s leading providers of motorhomes and RV’s due to our diverse range that meets all of our client's specific needs. Our team understands the hassle of attempting to book a hotel, which is why we have made sure to make our process simple with only 3 steps - choosing your motorhome, booking and attending the event. Still not convinced? Why not get in touch with our team to talk through the whole process further?

All of our luxury American motorhomes available for Thruxton have been carefully selected and chosen based on its facilities, bedding availability and overall appeal. As a result, we have seven main motorhomes, varying between RV’s, trailers and fifth wheels. We start the collection with the smallest in the range, the Fleetwood Revolution. This motorhome has a classic wooden style interior that provides a warm and homely feel for the occupants, as well as having all of the required applications that will enable you to have a relaxed stay inside our RV.

Since being established, we have gained a strong connection with many motoring event organisers and events around Europe, enabling us to become the official RV provider for the British GT Championship. As a result, we are able to prove a unique and unforgettable experience for our clients, getting them even closer to the action while they stay in one of our luxury American motorhomes in Thruxton.

Due to an increase in demand, we highly recommend that potential clients get in contact and book with us before it’s too late. In order to secure your desired dates, we will first demand a 25% deposit of the overall cost, and then require the rest of the payment six weeks prior to the start of the rental period. If you are no longer able to attend and need a cancellation, we will only be able to provide a full refund if the event is further than three months in advance. Any time within the three months, we will still expect the full balance unless we are able to re-hire the same vehicles, at which point you will receive a full refund.

In order to check the availability of our luxury American motorhomes for Thruxton, be sure to get in contact with RJF Motorhomes today. Customers can request a no-obligation quotation by emailing with their details to, where we will get in touch at the earliest convenience with an estimated quote. If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to call us on 07935 911911, where our team will be happy to assist.

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