Renting American Motorhomes and RVs for equine events


Stay close to the track or arena

Renting our RVs, motorhomes, trailers and fifth wheelers for big horse racing and equestrian events is also extremely popular among our customers. Most of these venues are out in the countryside away from major towns and cities, which means that accommodation is often a problem. Event organisers can be overwhelmed by the number of people attending and may not be able to find enough good quality accommodation. So you might have to stay in a place that’s either very expensive or far from the venue, meaning that you have to trek in and out every day.

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A luxury American Motorhome or RV from RJF Motorhomes is obviously the perfect solution! You simply make your way to the event and your home from home will be waiting for you, fully stocked with all the essentials you need. There is a whole range of wonderful horse racing and equestrian events throughout the year right across the country. So book your RV today and make sure you don’t miss out on high class accommodation for the duration of the event.

To make your booking with RJF Motorhomes today, call us now on 07935 911911 or use our simple contact form.